Obadiah the Bold

By: Brinton Turkle


From Beautiful Feet Books:

“The charming adventures of Obadiah Starbuck have been beloved by children and adults alike since he first captured hearts in the story of his friendship with an injured seagull in Thy Friend, Obadiah, winner of the Caldecott Honor.”


Product Description

“The days of Clipper ships and Whalers in the quaint colonial village of Nantucket form the backdrop to these heartwarming tales of a Quaker family and the often rambunctious but always delightful Obadiah.

In this tale, Obadiah has determined to become a fearless pirate when he grows up—to roam the seas with buried treasure in secret places! But the gift of an heirloom telescope and a gentle lesson from his father on true bravery give Obadiah an entirely new perspective on courage.

Brinton Turkle’s warm and engaging watercolors suit the text perfectly.”

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Brinton Turkle


Beautiful Feet Books




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