2.1 Second Grade Supplemental Science and Enrichment Complete Set



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“The world is so full of a number of things/I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.” Those were Robert Louis Stevenson’s words, and how true they are. God’s creation is a fascinating place, and learning the simple truths about it is one of the joys of childhood. Memoria Press’ new Supplemental Science and Enrichment sets are a simple way to introduce your children to these simple truths.

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*Customers who already own the Kindergarten and First Grade Supplemental Science & Enrichment Sets only need to purchase the Second Grade Continuing Set.*

Set Includes:

How Do Apples Grow?
Follow the Water From Brook to Ocean
Ant Cities
The Honey Makers
Let’s Go Rock Collecting
The Sky is Full of Stars
Rabbits, Rabbits, & More Rabbits!
Clam I Am
Is a Camel a Mammal?
There’s No Place Like Space
Ben Franklin and the Magic Squares
The Moon Book
How Does a Seed Sprout
How to Draw Birds
How to Draw Insects
Great Migrations: Whales
Rocks and Minerals
D is for Democracy
Water Dance
What Lives in a Shell?
How People Learned to Fly
In the Rainforest
Wish for a Fish
Safari, So Good!
On Beyond Bugs
Oh Say Can You Seed?
Oh, Say, Can You Say, What’s the Weather Today?
Ice is Nice!
I Can Name 50 Trees Today!
Would You Rather Be a Pollywog?
Miles and Miles of Reptiles
Fine Feathered Friends
Surrounded By Sea
Apples– Gibbons
From Seed to Plant
The Planets
Christmas around the World

Not Included:

The World of Mammals: This book investigates and describes the anatomy, behavior, and habitats of over 1,000 animals. It is a great science resource for use with our Primary Classical Core Curriculum Packages. (not included in set)

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