1. Simply Classical Curriculum: Level 1



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Sample Lesson Plan
Readiness Assessment
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Skills to Continue Building

Sentences, Sums, & Stories
Ages 5-6 (Chronological Age or Skill Level)

In Level 1, your child becomes a student. With consideration for his special needs, he receives tactile/sensory and movement/kinesthetic activities to aid learning and memory in reading, writing, and arithmetic. He embarks on observational nature study and classification with My Nature Journal. With proven methods in the classical tradition, he engages in Simply Classical Copybook and recitation exercises to strengthen language abilities, memory, and knowledge.

Through explicit step-by-step instruction and ample review, you will teach your student to:

  • read words and sentences
  • achieve mastery of foundational arithmetic facts and skills
  • learn timeless biblical stories with memory verses
  • improve penmanship, oral language, and written expression
  • appreciate beautiful books, art, and music

Along with imparting essential skills and tools for learning, you will elevate the content of his studies with Wonder, Beauty, and Imagination. This gently-paced, integrated Level 1 course introduces your special-needs child to literature, poetry, music, art, history, geography, science, and the world.

Share your child’s joy as he acquires skills, knowledge, and confidence through this unique curriculum designed especially for children with special learning needs.

How does Simply Classical Level 1 compare to the Memoria Press Kindergarten Curriculum? 


  • A student can transfer successfully to Memoria Press First Grade from either program.
  • Both provide clear introductions to reading, writing, and arithmetic.
  • Both offer enrichment in music, art, science, poetry, and literature.
  • Both are 5-day programs that can be taught as 4-day, if you combine lessons.
  • Both offer recitations, copybook, and other expected elements of a classical curriculum.


  • SC 1 includes fewer writing requirements, such as shorter verses in the Bible copybook and one less phonics workbook.
  • In SC 1, some oral or multi-sensory exercises replace some written exercises.
  • SC 1 includes ample multi-sensory techniques for teaching reading and arithmetic. While many MP K students do not require these, our SC students benefit from teaching with multiple modalities, providing more repetition, and engaging in extra practice.
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