Talking with Your Kids about God

By: Natasha Crain


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You want to pass on your faith to your children. But in today’s increasingly skeptical and hostile world, how can you prepare your kids for the challenges and doubts they will inevitably face?

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In a friendly, parent-to-parent voice, Natasha Crain brings clarity to this question by walking you through thirty essential conversations about God that parents and kids must have today, including discussions about:

· the existence of God
· science and God
· the nature of God
· believing in God
· the difference God makes

Organized so that each chapter builds upon the last, this book provides a cumulative learning experience appropriate for home, church classes, youth groups, small groups, and homeschools. Every chapter has a conversation guide, and content is adaptable for use with kids from elementary age through high school.

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1 review for Talking with Your Kids about God

  1. sslamast

    I read this book on my own a year or so ago but am now going through it with my kids (ages 12, 13) and reading through one chapter per week while talking about the ideas and implications brought up in the topical chapters. It’s an excellent intro into Apologetics and I think people aged middle school and up (even adults!) would get a lot out of this book. I’ve had excellent conversations with my kids so far, and we’re only on chapter 3.
    I’ve also bought the author’s newest book, Talking with Your Kids about Jesus, as I really enjoy her accessible writing style. The chapters are about 10 pages and she includes anecdotes to help illustrate her point, some basic summary points if the topic is a bit too heady, and conversation starters; a great tool for discipleship!

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