The Days of Prince Maurits

By: Mary O. Nutting


The Story of the Netherland War from the Death of William the Silent to its Close 1584-1648

The period during which Maurits of Nassau was the leader of the Netherland people is one which claims attention, not only on account of its exciting and memorable events, but even more because of its intimate connection with the subsequent history of England and of America. The writer has aimed to tell the story so that it shall be neither too long to be easily read, nor so condensed as to seem dry.

Among the works most consulted have been those of Motley, Davies, and Grattan, together with Rogers’ “Story of Holland” and Markham’s “The Fighting Veres.” Some original authorities also have been used, particularly Meteren’s “History of the Low Countries,” and “Les Lauriers de Nassau,” by Orlers and Haestens, a very rare book published at Leyden in 1612, which narrates the victories won while Prince Maurits was commander-in-chief. It is illustrated with many careful representations of battles and sieges, and gives an excellent portrait of the prince, which is reproduced here.

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