The Fallacy Detective

By: Bluedorn, Nathaniel; Bluedorn, Hans

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Don’t let politicians, rhetoricians, or bad logicians fool and manipulate you or your children/students. This book includes 38 lessons on common logical fallacies and propaganda techniques, presenting them in the context in which they are often found: arguments at home, political debates, marketing, and more. It is self-teaching, meaning no other resources are needed; it is intended for children and parents to use together. Using short chapters, clear examples, a touch of humor, and interesting exercises, The Fallacy Detective helps even reluctant scholars to enjoy learning how to identify fallacies. Presented from a decidedly Christian perspective, with examples that concern conservative families, like abortion and politics. The practice and terminology will lay a great foundation for all other logic study.


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Bluedorn, Nathaniel; Bluedorn, Hans


Fallacy Detective




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