The Romance of a Christmas Card

By: Kate Douglas Wiggins


Penelope’s artistic spirit captures the essence of Christmas in the picturesque village of Tideshead, where a magical Christmas card unfolds a tale of love, friendship, and festive wonder.

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In the picturesque heart of a New England village, blanketed with pristine snow and illuminated by twinkling lights, a simple Christmas card becomes a beacon of fate, love, and serendipity. Reverend and Mrs. Winship, alongside their close-knit community, find their destinies beautifully entangled through the heartfelt designs of an artist’s festive card.

Kate Douglas Wiggin tenderly crafts a narrative that ensnares the senses, painting every emotion and snowflake with exquisite detail. Dive deep into this heartwarming tale and let the spirit of Christmas remind you of life’s unpredictably wonderful twists.

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Kate Douglas Wiggins


Living Press Books


Paperback, Hardcover


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