Asian Heritage Month Book Stack

Asian immigration to Canada can be traced back to the mid-19th century when Chinese workers arrived on the west coast to work on the Canadian Pacific Railway. May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada and we've gathered a stack of books to help you and your family learn about the heritage of our Asian community. [...]

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Book Stack – Grammar Picture Books

Picture books are a wonderful way to introduce your children to all kinds of topics. The selection of quality picture books is amazing and reading aloud to your children is such a natural and gentle way for your children to learn.  I can't encourage you enough to be purposeful in carving out a designated read-aloud [...]

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Curriculum Spotlight – Zeezok Music

The Zeezok Music Appreciation program comes in many pieces and the program is so versatile. My favorite thing about this program are the books about the composers. These books, by Opal Wheeler, are living books at their best. Each story is captivating and some of them include short pieces of music that a young aspiring [...]

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Advent Book Calendar

How does your family celebrate the waiting? Advent has a long and interesting history with various traditions popping up throughout.  Advent means "coming" in Latin.  Today Christians use the season of advent to celebrate the coming of Jesus into the world and it is also symbolic as the church waits for Christs' return. It is [...]

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Introducing CEB’s Book Stacks

  Whether books are the foundation to your child’s learning, something you use to supplement curriculum, or you simply value what books bring into your home, CEB’s Book Stacks are something we’ll be pulling together on a regular basis to help you educate your children. Making Memories Themes are fun and a key ingredient to [...]

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Book Stack for Girls

  Books have much to offer our girls. These titles are packed with adventure, life lessons to explore, emotions to face, and new things to learn. Embark on a conversation about how we should treat others and the regret that follows when we don't do the right thing, as you read The Hundred Dresses. Introduce your daughter to another [...]

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