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Readiness Assessment: Myself & Others Book 2
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Myself & Others Book Two assumes introductory knowledge and continues teaching and practicing common rules and manners, developing good safety and health habits, and increasing social perception for service to others. This book is designed for students ages 6-9 or for slightly older students with special needs.

Myself & Others provides lessons with five components:

1) Rules – basic social rules for daily life
2) Health – essentials for hygiene, physical and mental health, and forming good habits
3) Safety – guidelines and cautions for staying safe in various circumstances
4) Manners – instruction and practice with good manners to serve others well
5) Listening – daily readings with inspiring stories for delight, moral imagination, character and virtue.

Myself & Others is a program for anyone who wishes to ameliorate the lamentable condition of respect, manners, and appreciation demonstrated by many children today. As parents, grandparents, teachers, and onlookers, you may be appalled by the deplorable state of courtesy and civility in children and youth as a whole. We created Myself & Others to help you do your part toward restoring common decency in our culture – one student at a time.

Memora’s program is also for the individual child with challenges and special learning needs. Some children struggle with social understanding, cultivating good habits, and learning manners far more than other children. Children – such as those with autism, attention or executive function difficulties, mental illness, medical or neurological conditions, learning or language disabilities, or intellectual disability –  require explicit, bite-sized lessons in knowledge and skills that other children seem to absorb simply by residing in the homes of good families. Yet standard “social skills” programs can be overly clinical or sterile, uninspiring, and oddly self-centered.

This 14-week programs is designed with 4-day weekly lessons to be taught in as little as 30-40 minutes per day. This allows for each set to be taught in a single semester or as a summer course.

Each set is a stand-alone course that can be taught alongside any curriculum in the home or classroom.

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