What About Socialization?

There is one question that is guaranteed to get a response from a homeschooling parent. It goes something like this: What about socialization? What follows is usually an entertaining conversation. Asking a homeschooling Mom about socialization is like asking an alien about extra-terrestrial life. We live with these tiny humans. All we do is socialize them. Just don’t get us started.

Reactive or Proactive?

In truth though, there is a tiny molecule in our brains that doubts our confidence. Are they really socialized? Do they really have the social habits and behaviors that are acceptable in public? I would suggest that they do, but only because we’re actually really self-conscious about this subject. We react more than we act, and when we see our children behave in a way that is not sensitive to their surroundings we will follow up and teach them after the fact.

But we don’t have to react. We could be proactive and know what it is that we need to teach our children about habits and behaviors that are respectful to our fellow humans. This is how the curriculum Myself and Others can help. This program addresses subjects that we know we want to teach to our children, but we don’t think about it until it’s too late.

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