The Phonetic Zoo Spelling – Audio A

By: Pudewa, Andrew; Webster, James


How does The Phonetic Zoo teach spelling? Why is it called The Phonetic Zoo? Well, for a couple of reasons. When you have a room full of crazy and unpredictable people, you might say, “It’s a zoo in here!” Our English spelling rules are about as crazy and unpredictable as any language on earth, and in trying to master them, one might feel that they are like wild animals—crazy, illogical, and challenging. Since children love animals, the stranger the better, this program managed to find a few animals for each lesson whose names match the spelling rule, jingle, or hint. Thus, The Phonetic Zoo.

Good spelling demonstrates literacy, education and intelligence. It is important. These days, spell checkers on our computers can save many an embarrassment, but a computer is not always available, nor is it a replacement for full comprehension. Consequently, spelling remains an important skill, and The Phonetic Zoo can help your students to achieve Excellence in Spelling.

Product Description

Purchase these audio CDs alone if you already own a different level of the Phonetic Zoo Starter Set and would like to start a new student with a new level.

Purchase the complete Phonetic Zoo Spelling Starter Set if this is your first time using The Phonetic Zoo.

Give your student the placement test from Institute for Excellence in Writing to determine which level to start with.

This product includes:

  • 5 audio CDs (includes MP3 downloads)
    or MP3 downloads and no CDs

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Pudewa, Andrew; Webster, James


Institute for Excellence in Writing


6 Audio CDs, MP3s


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