The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume 1: Zoology

By: Congo, Johnny Hudson, Paige


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From the Publisher:

Take an adventure to learn about animals with Sassafras Science!

The science adventure begins for Blaine and Tracey Sassafras! In this volume, the twins (and you) will learn all about the amazing animals that can be found around the globe.

You’ll visit the African Grasslands, the Amazon Rainforest, and the Alaskan Tundra as you read through the book. The twins will learn about mammals, reptiles, birds and so much more from their fascinating local experts. Don’t miss a minute of their summer-long zip line journey with their crazy Uncle Cecil!

Product Description

Complete the Curriculum

The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume 1: Zoology
The Sassafras Guide to Zoology
The Official Sassafras SCIDAT Logbook: Zoology Edition

More Volumes in the Series:

  1. Volume 1: Zoology
  2. Volume 2: Anatomy
  3. Volume 3: Botany 
  4. Volume 4: Earth Science
  5. Volume 5: Geology
  6. Volume 6: Astronomy (Coming in 2019)
  7. Volume 7: Chemistry
  8. Volume 8: Physics

How the Sassafas Science Series Works

In a nutshell, the novel and the support materials work together to create a full homeschool science curriculum that makes learning fun and exciting!

Read this post to see a more detailed look at how the Sassafras Science Series works or watch the following video tour through the series.



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Congo, Johnny
Hudson, Paige




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