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The people at ICP believe that there is truth, goodness, and beauty in both the Classical and Charlotte Mason methods and we couldn’t agree more! They’ve blended both methods and come up with a grammar-level curriculum (K-5th grade) that can be used at home, school or in a weekly community group setting.

The Basics

Each guide is organized around four eras of world history:

  • Ancient (we currently carry this era)
  • Middle Ages/Renaissance
  • Early Modern
  • Modern
  • The fifth guide will focus on Canadian/American content.

Each era contains 30 lessons/weeks. We love that there are only 30 lessons! This will give you wiggle room to pursue areas of study that your learners want or need to take extra time with.

Every week, the guide books will take you through memory work and other learning opportunities for history, geography, math, science, grammar, language, poetry, and Bible.

These are guides so there is room for your own ideas and inspiration. It’s easy to see where you can add books that are already in your house or from your wish list.

There are 3 main pieces to this resource.

1. Memory Work Guide

Memory work is foundational to the grammar stage of a Classical Education and the Memory Work guide is an amazing resource all on its own (there are accompanying audio files with songs to help your children with memorization).

Each week students will learn about, memorize and recite details from history, geography, math, science, grammar, poetry, and the Bible. This guide has a little bit of everything, but here’s the thing, if you already have a bible resource that you love, scratch that part of the Invictus lesson. Maybe your child is already involved in a robust music program; feel free to leave that part out. This program is flexible!

With this guide in your Morning Basket you will have a carefully curated weekly plan, along with songs and maps all ready for your use. Click here for a preview of this guide.

We love a good book list!

A weekly booklist is included and has been carefully curated to add to the week’s lessons.

Morning Time and Poetry Tea Time

We are big fans of incorporating Morning Time and Poetry Tea Time into a homeschool routine and this program has all the poetry, picture study (you’ll want the picture study packet), and music appreciation (there are YouTube links so you can find the music easily) you will need.

2. Fine Arts Guide

You could spend countless hours scouring Pinterest for art activities that integrate with weekly lessons or you could get your hands on this program. This resource contains handiwork instructions and supply lists for each week.

3. Science Guide (Biology)

Again, you could spend countless hours searching Pinterest for science activities and images or you could use the Science Guide along with the packet.

We are pretty excited about this resource and are looking forward to the release of all the other eras.

If you still have questions, please contact us here.


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