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Veritas Press – an overview

Whether you are designing a classical education for your family or are simply drawn to solid curriculum that uses great books, these resources are a wonderful option.

Veritas Press has been around since 1996. Their products are straightforward to use and are written from a biblical worldview using the time-tested phases of the trivium.

Great time and care has been taken to weave many of these courses together, giving students a very thorough education. However, many products stand beautifully on their own. All families should take a look at the Bible, history, and art cards and consider having them on hand. Each card has beautiful artwork, a summary of information, and a reading list on the Bible and history cards.

Language Arts

Phonics Museum K & Grade 1

Your children will be reading simple books within a few short weeks with this award-winning program. Kindergarten and Grade 1 can be purchased separately or as a combo.

Classically Cursive

Students learn handwriting by copying scripture. There are 4 books, starting in approximately Grade 2.

Kindergarten Favourites Comprehension Guide

Develop valuable reading comprehension skills with this guide. Students will work through activities for five books: Big Brown Bear, The Horse in Harry’s Room, Sammy the Seal, Biscuit, and Morris the Moose.

First Favorites Comprehension Guides Volume 1 & 2 and Literature Collections (K-3)

These guides contain all the questions and activities you will need to develop comprehension skills in young students. Purchase the accompanying literature collections and start building a great library.

Comprehension Guides & Literature Packages
(Grades 1-7)

Comprehension questions and activities will help you teach literature effectively. The guides can be purchased individually or as part of a complete literature package. There are many titles available.

Literature Transition Course (ages 10-14)

This course has been designed to prepare students for the more intense Omnibus courses. If you have older students who are unfamiliar with Veritas Press then this course is a great place to start along with the History Transition Course.


There are two parts for each level: a storybook and a workbook. The story and characters are fun; your children will laugh as they learn.

Legends and Leagues (grade 1)
Legends and Leagues South (grade 2)
Legends and Leagues East (grade 3)
Legends and Leagues North (grade 4)
Legends and Leagues West (grade 5)

Bible and History

Grammar Stage Program (grade 2-6)

The Veritas Press bible and history curriculum can each be used independently of each other, but they were designed to be used together.

It’s important to teach the bible as history and we love how Veritas Press handles “bible stories”. As an example, instead of isolating the story of Joseph from history, Veritas Press shows students that Joseph lived just prior to the Hyksos’ invasion of Egypt.

The basic package includes a Teacher’s Manual, beautiful flashcards (these are really nothing like regular flashcards), a Song CD, and book package.

*The Enhanced CD is different from the Song CD. It contains the songs and teacher manual pages that can be printed off.

History Curriculum

Old Testament & Ancient Egypt
New Testament, Greece, and Rome
Middle Ages, Renaissance & Reformation
Explorers to 1815
1815 to Present

Bible Curriculum

Genesis through Joshua
Judges through Kings
Chronicles through Malachi
Acts through Revelation

History Survey and Transition Course (grades 6/7)

This is a 1-2 year course. Students use the Veritas Press History Cards alongside historical fiction novels to learn the basic timeline of history. This is designed as a transitional course for students to use between the grammar stage program and the more rigorous Omnibus program. It is also a great package for any student who would benefit from spending time studying history from a biblical worldview in chronological order.

Omnibus Program Grade 7-12

The Omnibus curriculum integrates history, theology, and literature. Omnibus Primary and Secondary are to be used simultaneously. The Primary course focuses on primary-sourced historical works and the Secondary course focuses on literature and theology. Each time period cycles through twice.

Cycle 1 (grade 7-9)

I – Ancient (Biblical & Classical Civilization)
II – Medieval (Church Fathers through Reformation)
III – Modern (Reformation to the Present)

Cycle 2 (grade 10-12)

IV – Ancient (The Ancient World)
V – Medieval (The Medieval World)
VI – Modern (The Modern World)

If you have more questions about Veritas Press, you can contact us here.

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