Royal Fireworks Press offers a Latin curriculum that you can implement for your child, even if you do not have any knowledge of Latin yourself.

This is a beautifully illustrated introduction for young learners that utilizes photographs of the Roman world.

Some student reactions to Ecce Caeciliae et Verus:

     – It was really good and lots of fun.
–  We enjoyed learning about the culture.
– It was easy enough and not too hard.
– After studying word roots, we know what to look for in new words.
–  I liked the cultural bits.

Dr. Frances R. Spielhagen’s Latin curriculum is the pinnacle of the natural inductive approach. Rather than being forced into translating Latin, children are challenged to absorb Latin, deriving meaning from the illustrations that go with the words and developing vocabulary and grammar gradually in the natural thread of language acquisition. The illustrations of young Caecilia and her family were drawn by Christopher Tice, and images of their domestic and public life are from our own library of photographs taken at archaeological sites by Dr. Thomas Kemnitz; his expertise has informed the depiction of every detail in the illustrations, and his explanations in the instructor manuals provide background and additional information.

Adults who have studied Latin will find the language familiar but the materials new and engagingly beautiful. Adults who have not studied Latin will be able to comprehend the language and imbue the child and themselves in the Roman world and its Latin language.

The instructor manuals provide the grammar and forms of the vocabulary that the child is learning. All of the books contain downloadable links to hear Dr. Spielhagen enunciating the Latin so that you and your child can hear the correct pronunciation.

Dr. Frances R. Spielhagen taught Latin for thirty years before becoming  an academic. She is currently Professor of Education, co-founder, and co-director of the Center for Adolescent Research and Development at Mount Saint Mary College, New York.

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Books in this series

    • 1. Ecce Caecilia et Verus: Student Book
    • 2. Ecce Caecilia et Verus: Student Book: Dyslexia Version
    • 3. Ecce Caecilia et Verus: Instructor Manual
    • 4. Ecce Caecilia et Verus Set

    • 5. Ecce Caecilia et Verus Set with Dyslexia-Friendly Student Book
    • 6. Caecilia et Verus in Foro Romano: Student Book
    • 7. Caecilia et Verus in Foro Romano: Student Book: Dyslexia Version
    • 8. Caecilia et Verus in Foro Romano: Instructor Manual

  • 9. Caecilia et Verus in Foro Romano Set
  • 10. Caecilia et Verus in Foro Romano Set with Dyslexia-Friendly Student Book
  • 11. Casus Fabulae Romanae I: Graphic Novel
  • 12. Casus Fabulae Romanae I Set


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