ARTistic Pursuits K-3 Program Vol. 1, Art for Children

By: Brenda Ellis


This book is the starting point for a delightful adventure in art history. Lessons introduce children to the vocabulary of art as they learn what it is to be an artist! Children learn that artists compose, imagine, observe and communicate with their art. Elements of art are introduced throughout the book and children explore the subjects that artists work with such as landscapes, still life, animals, figures, and portraits. 6 video lessons show children how to use art materials as they absorb new information on established techniques. 12 text lessons offer picture study and projects that will have your child working with watercolor crayons, oil pastels, and paper techniques as they learn to cut and fold.

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Volumes in the Series:

Vol 1. Art for Children
Vol 2. Art of the Ancients
Vol 3. Art of the Middle Ages
Vol 4. Artists That Shaped the Italian Renaissance
Vol 5. Art of the Northern Countries
Vol 6. Art of the Impressionists
Vol 7. Art of the Modern Age
Vol 8. Art in America 

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Brenda Ellis




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