ARTistic Pursuits K-3 Program Vol. 4, Artists that Shaped the Italian Renaissance

By: Brenda Ellis


This book tells the stories of artists that shaped the way Western cultures now look at the world, from Cimabue’s tilt of the head in the 13th century to the foreshortened and exaggerated forms of Parmigianino in the 16th century. As young learners create and respond to art of the Italian Renaissance, they will tackle new design challenges with innovation and creative thinking. Children are introduced to the discoveries of the period and to new methods for making art. Included are twelve text lessons featuring artworks by the Italian Renaissance masters and six video lessons featuring art material instruction. Children will express their ideas and observations with new media including watercolors, fresco, scratch art, and oil pastels.

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Volumes in the Series:

Vol 1. Art for Children
Vol 2. Art of the Ancients
Vol 3. Art of the Middle Ages
Vol 4. Artists That Shaped the Italian Renaissance
Vol 5. Art of the Northern Countries
Vol 6. Art of the Impressionists
Vol 7. Art of the Modern Age
Vol 8. Art in America 

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