Exploring Creation with Physical Science – Textbook (Fourth Edition)

By: Vicki Dincher


In Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 4th Edition, students will explore the science of God’s physical laws of creation as they study chemistry, physics, earth science, and science research concepts.

Students will complete labs and hands-on projects throughout the course for an immersive learning experience with practical application.

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Written from a biblical worldview, Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 4th Edition bridges middle and high school science courses and creates a solid foundation to prepare students for higher-level science courses.

Advanced concepts presented throughout the course provide students with optional opportunities to enhance their learning and challenge their mastery of physical science.


Purposefully created for 8th- or 9th-grade students, Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 4th Edition will lead students to appreciate, understand, and grasp the wonders of God’s creation while exploring chemistry, physics, earth science, and scientific research. 

Intentionally redesigned to accommodate students at a variety of learning levels, this curriculum visually cues students to basic or advanced levels of study—all within the same textbook. 

Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 4th Edition is written to excite and engage students with rich, conversational text and hands-on learning through labs and activities. To achieve mastery of the topics, students will answer daily comprehension questions, review study guides, and complete tests.

We believe your students’ education should prepare them for life, not just academics. So, we’ve strategically designed a curriculum that will give your middle or high school students an understanding of the world around them and the real-world relevance of scientific inquiry. This course is designed to be the last science course a student takes before high school biology.

Dive Deeper with Advanced Concepts

In each module, students can dive deeper into more challenging content with a new component called Advanced Concepts. These sections allow science-minded students to challenge themselves and expand their learning with additional rich content, study guide questions, and test questions. This new design feature makes the course adaptable to students at a variety of learning levels. 

Connections to Creation

Throughout the textbook, Creation Connection sections connect science to the Creator. We go beyond the typical textbook to help students recognize the wondrous glory of God’s creation through science. 

Experiments, Lab Reports, and Hands-On Activities

Lab exercises are provided throughout each module so students can gain hands-on experience that brings their learning to life. Each lab can easily be completed in a homeschool environment using common household supplies.

The accompanying Student Notebook (sold separately) contains lab report forms to walk students through each step of writing informal and formal lab reports—an essential science skill to learn.

Additional You Do Science activities provide visual and tactile “aha” moments for students as they see science in action and practically apply concepts they are learning. 

Open-and-Go Daily Schedule

This course is designed to be done 4 days a week. A suggested daily schedule is included in the Student Notebook (sold separately) so students can easily understand what is expected of them each day. 

This course contains 15 modules, and each module generally takes 2 weeks to complete. A typical week requires studying science for about 1 hour a day for 4 days. During this time, students will read the textbook assignment and answer On Your Own questions to test their comprehension before moving forward. Students will then self-check their answers against the detailed solutions given at the end of each module.

Assessment and Grading

A study guide at the end of each module helps students review what they have learned before taking the tests. Answers to the study guide and test questions can be found in the Course Guide & Answer Key (sold separately). A separate set of perforated Test Pages comes with the Course Guide & Answer Key for easy administration.


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