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Everything you need for one complete school year!

Based on years of research, Memoria Press is pleased to offer their First Grade Curriculum. This is the third year of the Memoria Press Junior K-12 Classical Core Curriculum. Now your child can have a Highlands Latin education at home using the very same materials used by the teachers in Memoria Press’ highly acclaimed programs. By following the daily lesson plans in this full-year Curriculum Guide, you will have every tool you need to give your child the very best education possible.

The First Grade Classical Core Curriculum is a complete classical Christian curriculum that emphasizes the traditional liberal arts of language and mathematics and the cultural heritage of the Christian West as expressed in the great works of history and literature. In the curriculum package, Memoria Press has designed and laid out a full year’s plan in a Curriculum Manual that provides day-by-day lesson plans for you the teacher!

Picking up where Kindergarten left off, your first grader will continue to master their phonics, math, reading and handwriting. Along with an enrichment program that explores art, music, and poetry.

If you are new to Memoria Press, you will need to add this package: First Grade New User Add-On

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*PLEASE NOTE: The Rod & Staff Practice Sheets are not a part of the First Grade Package, as they were included in the Kindergarten Package and Rod & Staff has given reproduction rights to the customer, as explained in the R&S Math 1 Teacher Manual.

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