From Memoria Press:

“The Classical Core Curriculum is a complete classical Christian curriculum that emphasizes the traditional liberal arts of language and mathematics and the cultural heritage of the Christian West as expressed in the great works of history and literature. The curriculum has an early focus on the basic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic and a special emphasis on Latin. Latin is the best way to gain an academic vocabulary, to learn the formal system of grammar, and is, along with math, the best early critical thinking skills training. The curriculum’s study of the cultures of Athens and Rome, as well as Biblical and Church history, is designed to provide a basis for a proper understanding of European and American history.”

The Memoria Press curriculum includes some American History. However, we think that American history is relevant to world history, and Canadians can benefit from the little bit of American history integrated into this program. We also think that we can add Canadian history where appropriate. This will happen over time as we find appropriate material to compliment the Classical Core Curriculum.

If you wish to customize any of the packages, please contact us with your personalized choices.


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