C. Simply Classical Curriculum: Level C


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Simply Classical Curriculum Manual: Level C

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My ABC of Bible Verses


Alphabet Book 1


Alphabet Book 2


Classical Phonics (Second Edition)


First Start Reading - Book A


First Start Reading: Phonics, Reading, and Printing Teacher Guide (Third Edition)


Simply Classical Letters & Numbers Desk Charts


Going on Eagerly


Numbers Book - Part One


Numbers Book - Part Two


My Very Own Scissors Book


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Sample Lesson Plan
Readiness Assessment
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Skills to Develop

Course Description

Animals, Alphabet, & Aesop
Ages 4-5 (Chronological Age or Skill Level)

Designed for children with a chronological age or skill level of 4-5, Level C presumes an acquaintance with letters, numbers, books, listening, and learning. Level C helps you strengthen your child’s readiness skills with an integrated emphasis on animals and the alphabet. Lessons include traditional games and songs, stories, recitations, oral language exercises, number concepts, fine-motor activities, biblical literacy, and poetry.

Each day opens and closes with prayer, as the child receives a gently liturgical approach to his day.

In Level C, we introduce praying for others and service to others as an outgrowth of Christian faith. Devotional readings linked to each letter of the alphabet reinforce multiple lessons simultaneously.

Even in the homeschool setting, a formal recitation gives the child control over his mind and body by memorizing and speaking the early components of knowledge and wisdom.

Order and Routine
Level C helps the child understand the patterns of time through the use of a calendar and a clock. Daily discussions about weather help him observe the seasons.

Wonder in Nature
In Level C, the child hears amazing information about animals. Each lesson integrates the alphabet while introducing the child to a fascinating world beyond his own house. For the older special-needs child who needs instruction in the alphabet, numbers, and character, the animal lessons provide a deeper level of study than he might otherwise find in a readiness level. The animal studies foster a sense of wonder. These lessons also help prepare the child for the requisite concentration, listening skills, and attention span in his upcoming years while helping him appreciate the integration of learning, even at introductory levels.

Through Level C, you can help your child develop good early habits. He will learn and practice a proper pencil grip and proper letter formation throughout the year.

Show and Tell
Not limited to a school setting, this can be renamed Conversation, especially if other children cannot be present to listen. The child can prepare and deliver a simple talk about the topic or object, he can answer questions and practice his oral language skills in this way, or he can engage in a conversation with you. Regardless of the approach, this element of Level C allows for frequent opportunities to practice speaking clearly.

Aesop, Music, Books, Poetry, and Enrichment
Level C allows for the development of readiness skills while encouraging a delight in words. Enjoy!

Closing Prayer
The closing prayer of Level C helps the child see his own role in the world as one of loving service.

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Required Supplement:

Prayers for Children (included in Level A Package)

Suggested Supplements:

Simply Classical Curriculum Level C: Read-Aloud Package
Finding the Answers (Only used in 8-week review)
Hearing and Helping (Only used in 8-week review)

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