The Story of a Poor Scholar

By: Deborah Alcock


A Story about Germany and Bohemia

“Indeed?” said the old man, his face lighting up with sympathy and interest. “We have heard of the people who are called Brethren of the Unity, or United Brethren, and we own them as brethren indeed, in Christ Jesus our Lord — whose Gospel they knew and honoured, and whom they served and died for, many years before the voice of Dr. Martin Luther was heard in this Saxon land of ours.”

“And we also,” Wenzel responded, “we honour the name of your great teacher, Dr. Luther, whom God raised up to show His pure Evangel to the people of Germany, even as, one hundred years before, He sent us our dear and venerated Master John Huss. That is why I am going now to Wittenberg, to pursue my studies there.”

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