Truth Stranger Than Fiction

By: Deborah Alcock


The King of Hungary’s Blacksmith and other Stories

“Well, Master Jailer, how goes it? Have you heard anything?” asked the young man in an eager whisper.

The jailer laid his hand compassionately on his shoulder. “Heavy tidings for thee, poor lad,” he said. “He will likely die.”

The answer was a deep groan, heard distinctly through all the uproar of the crowded room. Then silence; then a broken murmur, “Poor Maida — poor baby!” choked by something very like the suppressed sob of a strong man.

The Young Burning Hearts Series is aseries of fascinating independent stories for young and old of faithfulness in trying times.

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Young Burning Heart Series  

The Story of a Poor Scholar
The Martyr of Kolin 
Robert Musgrave’s Adventure
Sunset in Provence
The Cloak in Pledge 
Archie’s Chances
Truth Stranger Than Fiction 
Etchings From History 
Strangers in the Valley 

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Deborah Alcock


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