Weakness Our Strength: Learning from Christ Crucified

By: John Hindley


We long to be strong, sorted and secure. And we want this for our families too. Naturally. But what if strength, as we understand it, isn’t part of God’s plan? What if weakness is his way?

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“Jesus would not have made us weak if we were meant to be strong,” says John Hindley. “He would not have redeemed us in weakness if he had valued strength.” The author looks at Jesus, at the cross and at the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives as he pursues his theme.

He concludes, “God did not seem to want strength when he created the cosmos.” “The world is wrecked. The sails hang in tatters, too many planks have sprung, the pumps are overwhelmed, and the crew is panicking. Yet look at the Captain. His scarred hands are steady on the wheel, his whip-cut back is straight and his eyes are fixed. In his steady gaze you see the hope of safe haven. As you keep your eyes on him, you know the ship cannot be lost. You will make that bright shore, and it will be all you hoped for. More than that even.”

This honest yet hope-filled book will transform your thinking and reassure your heart: weakness is not just okay; it is God’s way.

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