A Child’s Geography Volume 4: Explore Medieval Kingdoms

By: Terri Johnson


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Imagine walking in the footsteps of great leaders and influencers of the medieval world…Charlemagne, Ferdinand and Isabella, Joan of Arc, Johannes Gutenberg, Martin Luther…Read their stores and live the adventure of sending explorers out into uncharted seas, the excitement of inventing the printing press, and the anxiety of starting a religious firestorm. As we explore Medieval Kingdoms, you and your family will delight in breathtaking landscapes, hidden wonders, and beautiful people – all created in God’s image.

In stock

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Books in Series:

A Child’s Geography Volume 1: Explore His Earth
A Child’s Geography Volume 2: Explore the Holy Land
A Child’s Geography Volume 3: Explore the Classical World
A Child’s Geography Volume 4: Explore Medieval Kingdoms
A Child’s Geography Volume 5: Explore Viking Realms

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Terri Johnson





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