This is the fifth and final book in the Latsch Valley Farm series, recounting the lives of four generations of a Polish-American extended family, living in neighbouring homesteads in Wisconsin. A sequel to Willow Wind Farm, we follow Betsy Korb, now aged eight going on nine, as she learns the lessons of sharing, making up after quarrels, running errands and broadening her experiences within her large and loving family, under the firm and wise direction of Mom and Dad and underpinned by their Catholic faith. Told in a highly readable style, the author, Betsy’s aunt, has carefully observed the triumphs and disasters in the life of the inquisitive and independent-minded Betsy as she grapples with the ups and downs of growing up, setting them in the warm context of family life—the Korbs’ own life and the bigger one that seems to fill Latsch Valley and spill out into the world beyond.