Discovering Music – Student Workbook (Second Edition)

By: Dr. Carol Reynolds, M. Fletcher Reynolds


The Discovering MusicStudent Workbook (Second Edition) works in conjunction with the Textbook and DVD set and contains notes, projects, timelines, quizzes, and viewing guides.

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Professor Carol’s ground-breaking course takes the student through 300 years of interaction in Music, Art, History, and Culture. With a focus on Western Music from 1600 to 1914, the course ties it all together: music, science, poetry, politics, geography, economics, painting, and literature.

Art and music make the course colourful and memorable throughout. No music background is required by either the parent or the student.


The course has 17 units, and is designed for use over two semesters.

Unit 1: Using Music History to Unlock Western Culture
Unit 2: Music Entwined with Great Events of Western History
Unit 3: Technology, Terminology, and Cultural Perspective
Unit 4: Fanfare and Power: The Court of Louis XIV
Unit 5: Sweeping Away the Renaissance into the Baroque
Unit 6: Liturgical Calendar, Street Parties, and the New Church Music
Unit 7: A Lively Journey Through the Life of Johann Sebastian Bach
Unit 8: Enlightenment, Classicism, and the Astonishing Mozart
Unit 9: Into the Abyss: The Century Struggles with Unfettered Imagination
Unit 10: Beethoven as Hero and Revolutionary
Unit 11: Salons, Poetry, and the Power of Song
Unit 12: A Tale of Four Virtuosi and the Birth of the Tone Poem
Unit 13: Nationalism and the Explosion of Romantic Opera
Unit 14: The Absolutely New World of Wagner
Unit 15: Imperial Russia – A Cultural Odyssey
Unit 16: Load Up the Wagons: The Story of American Music
Unit 17: Turning the Page on Western Tradition with the Explosion of War


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