Elementary Algebra DVD Instruction (Revised Edition)

By: Harold Jacobs


Guide your student through Jacobs’ Elementary Algebra with Dr. Callahan’s instructional DVD! This DVD supplement leads your student through the Elementary Algebra text with video lessons for each topic and step-by-step examples.


Product Description

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Make Understanding Algebra a Breeze!Dr. Callahan’s instructional DVDs guide your students through Jacobs’ Elementary Algebra in a light-hearted, down to earth style. As a longtime university professor, homeschool dad, and math teacher for homeschool groups, Dr. Callahan has plenty of experience with what Algebra concepts students need to know, what they find difficult, and knows how to explain both well.Free Homework Support!

Dr. Callahan’s Instructional DVD comes with FREE Homework Help email support from AskDrCallahan, making this course an ideal solution for parents and students alike looking to learn geometry while preparing for the ACT, SAT, and future math courses.

DVD Set Contains:

  • Approximately 6 hours of content
  • 6 DVDs
  • Free Homework Help email support from AskDrCallahan

Students who complete this course will be prepared to take Geometry next.

Titles in This Series:

Elementary Algebra – Teacher Guide
Elementary Algebra — Textbook 
Elementary Algebra – DVD Instruction
Elementary Algebra — Practice Set III (Digital Download)

Elementary Algebra Set


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