Westward to a New World (Dyslexic Font)

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Christopher Columbus wanted to sail west to China. Instead, he found a group of islands that became known as the West Indies. He had not anticipated the continents of North and South America that stood in his way. Soon men from several European countries were making the voyage to the New World, all eager to explore the great unknown land mass that held such promise.

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These books are printed in a special dyslexia-friendly font that makes them easier for some children with visual processing problems to read. A special feature of the books is that each two-page spread contains a QR code that links to audio of the book being narrated. Children can listen and follow along to help them learn the words that they are seeing.

The Explorers in a New World Dyslexia Series offers a way for children with reading difficulties to enjoy reading and American history in a rare and wonderfully accessible combination that they will treasure for years to come.

Titles in Series:

Westward to a New World
The Search for the Seven Cities of Gold 
De Soto and the River in the Wilderness 
Jacques Cartier Explores Lands for France 
Champlain’s Search for the Northwest Passage
The Half Moon on the Hudson
Lewis and Clark Travel Up the Missouri River 
Jed Smith and the Search for the Buenaventura 
John Fremont and Kit Carson Map the Westward Trails

Explorers in a New World (Dyslexia Series) Set

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