Life in Ancient Rome Coloring Book

By: John Green, William Kaufman


At the peak of its power, the Roman Empire stretched thousands of miles in all directions: north to what today is England, westward to Spain, to Armenia in the east, and Egypt in the south. The growth, development, and cultural achievements of that magnificent civilization are brought to life by the artist John Green in this exciting and fact-filled coloring book.

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Focusing on a 200-year period in Roman history (100 B.C.–A. D. 100), 41 finely detailed illustrations depict such events as the defeat of Germanic invaders under the leadership of Marius (c. 108 B.C.); the crushing of a slave revolt (71 B.C.); the assassination of Julius Caesar (44 B.C.); and the emperor Nero playing a stringed instrument while Rome burns (A.D. 64).

Also included are handsome views of the Colosseum, a Roman villa and banquet, artists at work, and much more. In addition, William Kaufman’s clearly written introduction and text provide a wealth of information on Roman religion, society, cultural life, major landmarks, leaders, and daily activities. Fascinating and thoroughly researched, Life in Ancient Rome will appeal not only to coloring book fans of all ages but also will serve as a valuable resource and learning aid for students and history buffs alike.

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John Green,
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