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By: Tracy Creek


The digital resources will contain materials to support Life Science. All files are in Microsoft Word .doc format except for answer keys, which are in PDF format. 

The Digital Resources also contains the Weekly Review Guide, another essential component for student success. Distribute weekly to guide students’ review of key material from the past which will appear on forthcoming assessments.Other useful documents include instructions and rubrics for teaching the course, sample schedule, and lesson list

Product Description


The Digital Resources are essential for implementing the mastery-learning paradigm central to the Novare Science educational strategy.

The central component to our mastery-learning paradigm is weekly, cumulative assessments. The quizzes are cumulative all year long so that students are required to maintain a study strategy that keeps key concepts from previous chapters fresh while learning material from each new chapter.

Digital Resources consist of documents only. Student resources are re-printable. The contents will include:

  • Recommendations for Teaching – A course overview describing the details of teaching the course including suggestions for pacing, organization, assessments, grading and more.
  • Quizzes and Chapter Tests – 3-4 assessments per chapter (1 test and 2-3 quizzes) in MS Word format intended for weekly administration. All assessments are cumulative for the entire year. Quizzes consist of one page containing 2-3 questions and can be administered in 15-20 minutes. Tests are 1 hour.
  • All Keys and Sample Answers to Verbal Questions – A single document as a grading resource for quizzes, chapter exercises, and semester exams.
  • Semester Exams – 2-hour Fall and Spring semester exams in .doc format.
  • Lesson schedule and sample lesson calendar – A list of daily lessons (pages to read, exercises, quiz dates, experiment dates) for fall and spring semester, and a sample calendar based on a 4-day school week.

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