Master’s Class High School Biology Set

By: Dr. Dennis Englin


This 36-week study of biology begins with an overview of chemistry while opening a deeper understanding of the living things that God created. The course moves through the nature of cells, ecosystems, biomes, the genetic code, plant and animal taxonomies, and more.



Master's Class High School Biology Textbook


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For Grade Level 9-12

The DNA that controls all life forms were created at the beginning by God who spoke life into being. Along with the blessings of modern tools to study life, it has become obvious that no life is simple. This makes sense because nothing that God creates is simple. This course begins with a review of chemical principles needed for biology, including the biology of water, and concludes with human origins that have huge implications as to whether or not we were created in God’s image with an eternal destiny or the sum product of natural laws acting upon atoms and molecules. We know that all of the variations in humans today had their roots in the DNA of two humans (Adam and Eve) and give glory to God for this wonder of life.

  • High school science course with lab curriculum
  • Lab experiments included, with images of prepared microscopic slides
  • Based on the principle that students who can understand and apply information do much better than those who simply memorize material

This course provides important training and practice in developing skills involved in the study of biology, including observing and recognizing interactions and interdependencies of organisms in their natural environment, the use of a light microscope, dissection skills, and insights and recent advances in modern biology.

A teacher guide is available for Biology, providing this full-year science course with a detailed schedule, worksheets, and tests.

Table of Contents

1. Chemical Principles in Biology

2. Water

3. Carbohydrates and Lipids

4. Proteins and Nucleic Acids

5. Nature of Cells

6. Cell Membrane and Nucleus

7. Movement through Cell Membranes

8. Cell Organelles

9. Cell Division

10. Ecosystems

11. Biomes

12. Energy Capture — Photosynthesis

13. Energy Release — Respiration

14. Chromosomes and Genes

15. The Genetic Code

16. Expression of DNA — Transcription

17. Expression of DNA — Translation

18. Perpetuation of Life

19. Genetic Patterns I

20. Genetic Patterns II

21. Genetic Mutations and Variations

22. Genomcis

23. Plant Taxonomy

24. Taxonomy — Invertabrates

25. Taxonomy — Vertebrates

26. Views of Biological Origins

27. Evidences of Biological Origins

28. Human Origins

Set Includes

High School Biology Textbook
High School Biology Teacher’s Guide

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