Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level K

By: Angela O'Dell


Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level K is a Christian homeschool math curriculum designed to help your student enjoy learning math from the very beginning. Using a captivating story of a twin brother and sister, this full color math curriculum workbook will help your kindergarten student master counting, basic shapes, opposites, and even graphing.

Product Description


Math Lessons for a Living Education Level K teaches foundational concepts using a delightful story and colorful pages. Instead of just memorizing math facts, young, homeschooled students begin applying what they learn through everyday life situations. Using the popular Master Books’ teaching method, this course allows children to learn smarter instead of harder!

In Level K, your student will:

  • Learn to count to 10 and numbers 0-10
  • Develop critical thinking skills and build stamina
  • Make connections to their world by noticing basic patterns, shapes, and concepts of time

This beginner level homeschool math curriculum was written to be used by you and your young students together. It begins the story of a twin brother and sister as they interact with their family, friends, and town. They make connections in life and find it full of learning opportunities! Students will learn about counting, basic shapes, opposites, positional words, graphing, and more. They will also learn about the weather, nature, and how unique God created them to be. Come join the twins as they encounter living math adventures.

Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level K Includes:

  • Convenient Daily Schedule—saving you time!
  • Short, engaging 30-minute lessons
  • Full-color worksheets
  • Schedule suggests 5 days a week

Course Features:

  • Instructional blend of stories, copy-work, oral narration, and hands-on experience to bring concepts to life
  • Convenient perforated pages
  • Recommended for: Kindergarten / 4-6 years old
  • Designed for parent & child to work through together

Table of Contents

Using This Course
Lesson 1: Counting to 5, Circles, and Calendar Concepts
Lesson 2: Counting to 5, Ovals, and Seasons
Lesson 3: Counting to 7, Triangles, and Number Line
Lesson 4: Counting to 7, Squares, and Shape Matching
Lesson 5: Comparisons, Rectangles, and Shape Review
Lesson 6: Comparisons, Stars, and Number Line
Lesson 7: Opposites and Symmetry
Lesson 8: Differences and Similarities, and Matching
Lesson 9: Cooking and Measuring, Diamonds, and Graphing
Lesson 10: Number of the Week: 0, Measuring, and Counting Review
Lesson 11: Number of the Week: 1, and Position Words
Lesson 12: Number of the Week: 2, and Position Words
Lesson 13: Number of the Week: 3, and More or Less
Lesson 14: Cooking and Measuring, and More or Less
Lesson 15: Reviewing Shapes, Matching, and More or Less
Lesson 16: Reviewing Counting to 7, and More or Less
Lesson 17: Basic Sequencing, and Counting Review
Lesson 18: Completing the Sequence, and Number Review to 3
Lesson 19: Number of the Week: 4, Counting, and Reviewing Shapes
Lesson 20: Number of the Week: 5, and Counting
Lesson 21: Number of the Week: 6, Counting, and Differences
Lesson 22: Number of the Week: 7, Counting, and Comparisons
Lesson 23: Number of the Week: 8, Graphing, and Shapes
Lesson 24: Number of the Week: 9, and Differences
Lesson 25: Number of the Week: 10, and Completing the Sequence
Lesson 26: Review Counting to 10
Lesson 27: Review Counting, and Right and Left
Lesson 28: Review Numbers, and Patterns and Sequences
Lesson 29: Sorting and Matching
Lesson 30: Review Shapes and Matching
Lesson 31: Concepts of Time: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night
Lesson 32: Review of Shapes, Position Words, and Counting to 10
Lesson 33: Review Weights, Small and Large, and Comparisons
Lesson 34: Introducing Money, Patterns, and Shapes
Lesson 35: Possible vs Impossible, and Review of Symmetry
Lesson 36: Ordering Numbers, Right and Left, and Review of Numbers 1-10
Practice Sheets
Calendar Activities
Puzzle Solutions



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