Simply Classical Curriculum Manual: Level 2

By: Cheryl Swope


This program has been carefully adapted from the curriculum developed over many years at the acclaimed Highlands Latin School. Level 2 is designed for students who already possess beginning phonics, arithmetic, and writing skills. Level 2 strengthens those skills through incremental practice and instruction.

Product Description

Sample Lesson Plan

Comprehension, Calculations, & Character
for approximate skill level or chronological ages 6-8, or for older children with special needs who are already beginning readers

In this level, the student grows steadily in reading comprehension, arithmetic, and the cultivation of character. With intensive phonics, he hones skills for reading and spelling. He also receives practice with reading fluency through carefully selected stories.

  • New Literature resources adapted for special needs
  • Step-by-step exercises for successful writing
  • Arithmetic lessons enhanced by “living books”
  • A new oral spelling program
  • 4-day lesson plans with optional 5th-day “Review” or 5th-day “Delve Deeply”

Simply Classical Level 2: 

Simply Classical Level 2 Package
Simply Classical Level 2 Literature, Science, History, Geography Read-Aloud Set
Simply Classical Level 2 Arithmetic Read-Aloud Set
Simply Classical Level 2 Optional Extended Literature Set 


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Cheryl Swope


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