Song School Latin Book 1 (with CD)

By: Rehn, Amy


Preview: Song School Latin (Student Edition)

Did you ever believe that there would be a Latin program that would match the energy, developmental level, and fun-loving nature of your youngest students? Song School Latin does just that. Lessons are peppered with songs, enjoyable vocabulary, illustrations, handwriting practice, stories, games, and engaging activities. Children will love learning Latin!

Song School Latin Book 1 (Student Edition)with 30 corresponding songs and chants on the included CD, is an interactive workbook with songs and fun activities designed to set young students on a course to loving Latin! The 31 weekly lessons, including review chapters, will delight students as they learn 100+ everyday vocabulary words in Latin.

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Song School Latin Book 1 Suggested Schedule

“Joy to the World” in Latin—classical pronunciation (YouTube video)

“Joy to the World” in Latin—ecclesiastical pronunciation (YouTube video)

Song School Latin classical pronunciation audio: chapter by chapter (zipped MP3s) or one file (MP3)

Song School Latin ecclesiastical pronunciation audio: chapter by chapter (zipped MP3s) or one file (MP3)

Song School Latin Coloring Pages Color a picture for each Latin word in Song School Latin Book 1. Also a great activity for younger siblings! Pages for each chapter are available in the Song School Latin 1 zone on Headventure Land.

Song School Latin Book 1 Errata (PDF)

Online Games&Practice Available Here!

Fun Games&Videos and More Available at Headventure Land

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