Storybook Latin: Year 4 – Flascards

By: Heather Fluhart, Brian Marr


Flashcards for this package can be purchased below, but they are not included in the regular package.

These flashcards are printed on 8.5×11″ cardstock and you have to cut them yourself. It includes all the pictures found in the Storybook Latin textbook.

There are 68 sheets and 204 full-color flashcards.


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390 Pictures. Stories. Conversations.
This is how you can teach your kids Latin.

Why shouldn’t kids learn to read Latin the way we learn to read English? Most Latin programs for children are either silly and pointless or soullessly dry.

Instead of struggling through endless charts or busywork activities, Storybook Latin provides simple stories and bright pictures so that kids 3rd grade and up can learn to read and start to answer simple questions in Latin.

And it’s ready to teach right out of the box—no prep required!

Each lesson of Storybook Latin Year 4 includes stories taken from Roman history. Most of the stories are based on Virgil’s Aeneid and Livy’s History of Rome. Each lesson includes a story, flashcards for the story, a simple grammar explanation, questions in Latin about the story, oral exercises, and weekly quizzes.

Year 4 reviews noun cases and functions, all four verb conjugations, four tenses, demonstrative and personal pronouns, adjectives, infinitives, and imperatives, and covers new concepts such as relative pronouns and clauses, participles, the passive voice, and the fifth declension.

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Heather Fluhart,
Brian Marr


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