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The Golden Children’s Bible was chosen because of its slightly simplified, but poetically appealing, King James text, along with its beautiful and age-appropriate illustrations. This is important because we believe students should learn to revere the Bible as a sacred book, distinct from modern adventure stories with cartoon heroes.


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From Memoria Press:

“With so many Bible storybooks on the market, why did we choose this one? Two reasons: text and illustrations. The stories are broken down into small, digestible chunks, each with dramatic and realistic pictures. The text is mostly simplified from the King James, but retains the elevated style and rhythm of the original—all on a 3rd-5th grade reading level.

The Bible is a unique book with an inimitable style; when its stories are retold in modern everyday speech, they often suffer from trivialization. Ideally, a Bible storybook should prepare the child to read and listen to Scripture with awe and reverence, recognizing that it is different from other books. This is the only Bible storybook we have found that does that.

In addition, the abundant and dramatic illustrations on every page make it appealing to a wide age range. This book should become a part of your family heritage to be handed down and enjoyed by your grandchildren.”

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