The Key to the Indian

By: Lynne Reid Banks


This is the fifth and final book in Bank’s acclaimed Indian in the Cupboard saga.

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He felt a draft of cold air. Instinctively he put his arms around his body. Then he looked down at himself and got a shock. He was naked…His first instinct was to hid. he scrambled over the earth floor of the longhouse and ducked under the curtain. Beyond was deeper darkness, but he could make out a sort of room with a raised section against the wall. On this was a mountain range covered with fur, in the shape of a sleeping giant.

Omri stared all around, feeling the beginnings of panic. “Dad!” he whispered as loudly as he dared…

There was no answer. Omri felt intensely vulnerable with no clothes on. Cold air embraced his skin from head to foot. He felt a sudden longing to go home. He hadn’t reckoned on this–being separated from his dad, it being so dark and cold, so strange, so lonely…


Titles in Series: 

The Indian in the Cupboard
The Return of the Indian
The Secret of the Indian
The Mystery of the Cupboard
The Key to the Indian

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Lynne Reid Banks


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