The Life of the Fields

By: Richard Jefferies


A collection of reflections on nature written in a lyrical and poetic manner.

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“The Life of the Fields” and “Field and Hedgerow,” by Richard Jefferies, are delightful books for lovers of the country. – The Parents’ Review

“The lost leaves measure our years; they are gone as the days are gone, and the bare branches silently speak of a new year, slowly advancing to its buds, its foliage, and fruit. Deciduous trees associate with human life as this yew never can. Clothed in its yellowish-green needles, its tarnished green, it knows no hope or sorrow; it is indifferent to winter, and does not look forward to summer. With their annual loss of leaves, and renewal, oak and elm and ash and beech seem to stand by us and to share our thoughts.”

This collection includes descriptions of the life and changes in the environment around him as well as the author’s thoughts on life in the late 1800s, his musings about nature, and many other subjects.

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Richard Jefferies


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Paperback, Hardcover


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