The residence of the local lord and center of the community, the medieval castle was also a stronghold against enemy attacks. Virtually self-contained, this fortress had everything necessary to maintain the life of the lord and his family. In 29 detailed, ready-to-color illustrations, artist A. G. Smith focuses on the activities of castle life and how the heavily fortified structure functioned.

Included are detailed views of the castle’s main features: the moat, drawbridge, and portcullis (a heavy iron gate suspended by chains); strong tower, or keep; the Great Hall, center of court life; a chapel, the castle’s spiritual center; spiral staircases built within thick tower walls; dungeons; and other areas. Here also are scenes of a lady doing needlework at a window seat, stable workers caring for their steeds, a fair held on castle grounds, a crossbowman atop an outer wall, a castle under attack, catapults hurling large missiles, and more.

Ideal for use at home or in the classroom, this fascinating book invites youngsters to have fun coloring while learning about life within a medieval castle.

Dover Original.