The Story Of Rolf And The Vikings Bow

By: Allen French


The Soursop family live on the western coast of newly Christian Iceland. Rolf, the son, is everything his father Hiarandi could hope for. He is very good with the bow and arrow and he is thoughtful, loyal, and strong.

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One night during a storm Rolf’s mother convinces her husband to go against common practice and light a fire to help a ship struggling off the coast. In a time when the community lived off the plunder of wrecked ships, this is not appreciated and begins a series of misfortunes for the family that ends with Hiarandi murdered and Rolf a thrall.

Can Rolf return home and clear his father’s name?

This edition is presented complete and unabridged, with all the original illustrations.

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Allen French


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Paperback, Hardcover


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