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From the Publisher:

This spirited reading of Susan Wise Bauer’s The Story of the World Vol. 1: Ancient Times brings to life the stories and records of the peoples of Ancient Times, covering the major historical events from the beginning of civilization to the fall of the Roman Empire.

The Story of the World Audiobook is a collaboration between Jim Weiss, whose voice is “liquid gold” (CNN TV), and Susan Wise Bauer, whose writing has been described as “timeless and intelligent” (Publishers Weekly).

Enjoy this Audiobook independently, along with The Story of the World Vol. 1: Ancient Times, Text (sold seperately), or as a supplement to a traditional history curriculum.

Consider this: the baby is crying, raw chicken waits for you in the kitchen, and little Johnny wants you to read him the chapter about the Minoan Bull-Jumpers again. Do you really want to hinder his thirst for history? Of course not! But dinner won’t prepare itself…No problem, let Jim Weiss take it from here. He can read to your kids when you can’t!