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Meaningful March Read-Alouds

Family Life | March 7, 2024

We’ve pulled together a great stack of March read-alouds for you and your family. Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland recounts the life of Saint Patrick. Through beautiful illustrations and simple storytelling, the book follows the journey of Saint Patrick from his youth in Britain to his kidnapping by Irish raiders, his years as a slave,...

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Read Aloud to Your Readers!

    Many children are reading independently by the intermediate years. With my oldest two, it didn’t occur to me to keep reading to them once they were flying solo. My job seemed complete; the skill of reading and the habit of reading were set. It was natural to read books aloud to the following two...

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Avoid Extra Burdens with Extra-Curricular (5 Tips)

Family Life | April 7, 2022

So many options, so little time, and a limited budget! How should a family go about deciding where to invest their limited time, money, and energy when it comes to extra-curricular activities? Talk to any team sports coach and they will be able to list off all the reasons why team sports are the investment you should make....

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Clear the Confusion about Chapter Books

Family Life | March 16, 2022

Some Confusion A simple and universal definition is not so easy to come by and the confusion seems to enter with the higher-level chapter books. Where is the cut-off? At what point is a book considered a novel? And does it even matter? Early Reader Books, Chapter Books and Intermediate/Middle-Grade Novels are all designed with...

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Have You Been Missing Out on Wordless Books?

Family Life | March 9, 2022

Invite your children to co-author a story! Literacy involves much more than reading words on a page and wordless books are an often overlooked tool in the literacy toolbox. Have you been overlooking them? I have! “Reading” wordless books increases vocabulary. Your children have two sets of vocabulary: one they can understand when they hear...

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Curb the Christmas Chaos

Encouragement, Family Life | December 2, 2021

I hope you’ve had a year that was full of contentment, productivity, and times where you knew that God’s grace was upon you. I pray that you will be determined and purposeful to find time to sit with God’s word in your lap and soak in the details of the very first Christmas. Because this...

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It Won’t All Stick

Family Life | October 20, 2021

As I’ve entered my 10th year homeschooling this Fall, I wanted to send some encouragement your way to those of you who are just starting out, or who have only been homeschooling for a short while. Homeschooling families often experience wells of internal pressure, wondering, “how will we complete all of this?” The pressure can...

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My Adult Children are Homeschooling My Grandchildren – Now What?

Family Life | September 8, 2021

Welcome and Happy Grandparents Day (September 12th) to all the grandparents of homeschoolers. You have an opportunity to be a treasured resource to your adult children and their children. Keep reading to find out how. Almost 20 years ago, I was listening to a radio broadcast on Christian radio and heard the host describe a...

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Beautiful Feet Books Intermediate Ancient History

Family Life | September 1, 2021

I’m just going to get this out of the way first thing: I loved using this curriculum! It made it easy to have a deep and rich history experience with my kids using literature – my preferred method of teaching. Teach without a Textbook I had never heard of Beautiful Feet Books curriculum or their...

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Do Mornings Well part 2

Family Life | August 26, 2021

Everyone needs to define for themselves what a successful homeschool morning includes and in my experience, the definition can vary with each season of life. I had a different standard during my night-time nursing years than I do now with a seven-year-old as my youngest. As you are pondering what a successful morning looks like,...

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Happy Birthday, Canada!

Family Life | June 30, 2021

Happy Birthday, Canada! Our country has so much to celebrate, and this year we are delighted to help you find some of those stories. As one of the largest countries in the world, Canada is incredibly diverse. With its beginnings during the time of the industrial revolution and its infancy through the scientific advances of...

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Summer Strategies for Homeschoolers

Family Life | June 23, 2021

      Summer had a certain “feel” growing up; it started with that walk home on the last day of school. Two months seemed endless and I welcomed, even as a kid, the change of pace. Bedtime was later, sleeping in was the norm, mornings were lazy, and we spent huge amounts of time...

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