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Curriculum Spotlight – Myself & Others

Family Life, Homeschooling | February 10, 2021

What About Socialization? There is one question that is guaranteed to get a response from a homeschooling parent. It goes something like this: What about socialization? What follows is usually an entertaining conversation. Asking a homeschooling Mom about socialization is like asking an alien about extra-terrestrial life. We live with these tiny humans. All we...

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Teaching Through February

I really enjoy allowing the rhythm of the year to guide us through some of our learning.  February has a lot packed into it and this Book Stack has great titles to help you move through the month and all the learning themes that go along with it. We started off February by reading Groundhog...

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Introducing CEB’s Book Stacks

  Whether books are the foundation to your child’s learning, something you use to supplement curriculum, or you simply value what books bring into your home, CEB’s Book Stacks are something we’ll be pulling together on a regular basis to help you educate your children. Making Memories Themes are fun and a key ingredient to...

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Curriculum Spotlight – Writing and Rhetoric

Curriculum, Homeschooling | January 13, 2021

      Common Writing Challenges  There is no tyranny like the blank page, or so the saying goes. If you have taught writing you know that look. The eyes glaze over, heavy sighing ensues, and the pencil drops on the page. What shall we write about? Where shall we start? It is difficult to...

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Dear Young Mama

Encouragement, Homeschooling | January 5, 2021

My family has a New Year’s Eve tradition where we write a letter to our future selves.  We open it a year later, on New Year’s Eve.  It’s fun but sometimes discouraging.  I’ve learned that writing a list of goals as a motivational tool can fall flat as you read through the list the following...

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