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Exploring Our World with Five Favourite Books

Homeschooling | January 12, 2024

These engaging and rich resources will bring geography to life for you and your children.

Material World
Book of Nations
Hungry Planet
Children Just Like Me

Traditional textbooks can be dry and encyclopedic. Geography is not just about physical landscapes; it’s also about people, their stories, and their connection to the land. With these resources, your children will learn interesting facts as well as the interconnectedness between physical and human geography.

These resources contain pictures that will help your children connect emotionally with the places and people they read about, and the descriptions, and stories will help your children explore diversity and help your children to think critically, drawing some of their own conclusions.

Encourage lifelong self-directed learning with quality books. You can find them all on our website.

Looking for other geography resources? You’ll find them here.







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