Quick facts:

  • The first book and workbook are for ages 5-7.
  • The next 4 levels can be done in any order.
  • There are two sets of questions directed to younger and older students.
  • This can be done with children of multiple ages simultaneously.
  • Recipes and activities are included.

Geography is anything but dry and boring. If that’s been your experience, then we have a treat for you!

Legends and Leagues is a journey around the world, including history where relevant, and just to keep you on your toes, there are fantasy creatures involved. (How else are you going to travel across Europe in a couple of hours?)

The first storybook and workbook are for young children, ages 5-7. This is just a fun story awakening a youngster’s mind to geography.

The next four story/workbook sets are for ages 8-12. These can be completed in any order.

North: British Isles, Europe, Scandinavia, Former U.S.S.R.
South: Africa, Middle East
East: Asia, Oceania, Australia, New Zealand
West: North America, South America

Each set includes a read-aloud book, which could be a stand alone but the workbooks enhance the stories and give a more practical look at the country being studied.

The workbooks include flags, historical events that changed geography, recipes, crafts, activities, and questions that are divided into 2 levels, accommodating a range of ages.

This resource is ideal to use is a Morning Basket for multiple ages.

Consider adding a few missionary biographies as you journey through this curriculum.

Use the Taste of Asia devotional to guide you and your family in prayer for the countries studied in the Legends and Leagues East.

While reviewing this resource, I couldn’t help thinking that this is the perfect next step after completing the Around the World with Picture Books I and Around the World with Picture Books II packages (the very best introduction to our world for young children).



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