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ASPC includes a full physics course, similar to Introductory Physics, but completes the physics by late-February to move into chemistry. In the spirit of “drawing students upward into the adult world of science,” the 6 lab experiments for this book emphasize procedures and skills used in real science labs. Scientific notation, metric prefixes, unit conversions, keeping a lab journal, and the writing of lab reports are essential skills that students will thoroughly learn in this text. After completing this text, students will be prepared to go on to Chemistry for Accelerated Students.

Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry (ASPC) is an excellent course for 9th grade students who want a challenging text to give them a strong foundation upon which to build their high school science experience. ASPC is a physical science text intended for accelerated 9th grade students who have already completed Algebra I. Like all Novare texts, ASPC integrates history, mathematics, and technical communication skills in a compact volume with aesthetically-mature graphics and lucid, grade-level prose.

ASPC is an ideal first science course designed for honors-level or accelerated high school students.

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