Join Professor Carol and 38 specialists for this lively program on America’s Cultural History. See who settled where and brought what music with them. Learn how America’s music and art was shaped by Colonists, waves of immigration, geography, and economics.

Exploring America’s Musical Heritage is a 4-hour DVD program that takes you across America to experience and learn about our history and art.

From Puritans and Native Americans; through the founders and pioneers; to the immigrants of Ellis Island and today’s newcomers, Americans have used music, paintings, poetry, dance and architecture to express the essence of life in America.

Study materials are available for each unit. Take a look!

  • Unit 1: Regionalism, Legacy, and Preservation
  • Unit 2: Contrasting Traditions of the Puritans and Moravians (1620-1760)
  • Unit 3: America’s Founders and Their Arts (1700-1800)
  • Unit 4: Architecture, Soundscapes and New Directions (1780-1850)
  • Unit 5: The Arts Shaped by Conflict (1820-1865)
  • Unit 6: Americans on the Move (1810-1880)
  • Unit 7: Native America Revisited, Immigrants and American Theater (1830-1920)
  • Unit 8: Exploring the New and Preserving the Old (1900-1960)