Exploring Creation with Mathematics Level 5 Set

By: Kathryn Gomes

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In Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 5, students will learn about whole numbers, fractions, decimals, geometry and measurement, percents, and graphing. This hands-on, interactive math curriculum is filled with activities, practice problems, projects, and games that will help students comprehend lessons. Students will also see the connections between math, science, business, art, our world, and our universe. Most importantly, students will begin to see how the study of math points to our Creator.

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Unique to the market, these elementary courses are designed to not only point to our Creator in all things, but to show the student how creation and mathematics are intertwined. Also unique are the strong connections made between mathematical and scientific studies. Students are not asked to learn and to do math in a void that doesn’t make real-world connections. Rather, from the very first page, connections are taught so that students understand the value of building a strong foundation in the language of mathematics.

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