From the publisher:

General Biology is a brilliant new text for high school biology that combines up-to-date science with a Christian worldview and the educational philosophy for which Novare is known. The book starts at the atomic level and progresses to ever larger scales: cells, genes, microorganisms, plants, animals, and human organ systems. The final chapters survey ecology and the theory of evolution. Read our FAQ to learn more about how we approach the subject of evolution.

Like all Novare texts, mastery-based learning methods are an essential part of this book, propelling students not only to learn but to substantially retain the content for years after completing the course. General Biology is a pleasure to read, succinctly and lucidly covering a wide array of information in a modest number of pages. We strive to draw students into mature engagement with the content through our use of brilliant and beautiful graphics, which appear on almost every page. Additional standard Novare features include Learning Objectives at the beginning of every chapter, exercises that call for both clear articulation of thoughts and full-sentence answers, and an organization of topics that steadily builds chapter by chapter.